Everything Is Important

State Of The Union, 1/5

It’s a love-hate relationship isn’t it? Historically about the best a United States President can hope for, is half the population will like what he does.

What can we learn from this?

Press on – to serve, to strive, and not to yield. You will never be everyone’s favorite.

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Joy In Your Spirit

December Dedicated to Joy

November was dedicated to Thankfulness, and now December is dedicated, mostly, to Joy.

There are several types of Joy.

There’s Joy in your Spirit, in knowing you have a Creator that loves you beyond measure.

Joy in daily living, perhaps the “fun factor”, sort of like happiness, and laughter.

And also Joy in being unselfish, in serving others.

Finally, I believe there is Joy in knowing you are living your best life, with a moral integrity that leaves you humbled by what you’ve overcome.

It’s a Joy, to dedicate December to the concept  of Joy.  You may have a different perspective on Joy.  The fact that we are free to express, and think for, ourselves should bring us Joy.

One thing for sure, I’m especially thankful for Mid Life Joy!  🙂