Five reasons why he can’t follow the general blogging rules

Who takes a picture of cigarette-covered ground at a busy Interstate exit intersection? And from such an angle? A freak.

looking from a different angle

Five reasons why he can’t follow the general blogging rules:

  1. Crowds frighten him
  2. Blending in doesn’t concern him
  3. Discovering new shores excites him
  4. Failing is his favorite antidote for regret
  5. He wants to allow others to taste reality blogging

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  1. Jeff,

    I hope the run through the French Quarter was enjoyable and minus the crowd. I am with you on that. I love to be up in front of a class, teaching or speaking. But a crowd – I tend to avoid. I think there is something to be said for growing up in rural America – I don’t like to be “moved” by crowds (ask me about my experiences sometime about being “moved” by a crowd in New Orleans – most uncomfortable I think I have ever been in a crowd setting).


  2. Bob, are you able to write (here) about being moved by the New Orleans crowd?

    The run was enjoyable. Awfully slow because of the picture taking. But virtually had the French Quarter and Bourbon Street to myself.

  3. Jeff,

    Sure – I can write about it. My work used to take me to New Orleans each year for annual association meetings where I would do presentations, work the vendor showcase, etc. But the association always scheduled it during Mardi Gras (the big daddy of crowds). I remember my first time walking out of the hotel to get something eat, and it was wall-to-wall people walking the streets. I stepped off into the street and all of a sudden, I knew what a cow feels like being herded through a bottleneck. The crowds just pressed, and I was literally being moved by the crowd. I could see the sidewalk in the distance, but I couldn’t even make it over there. It was the most uncomfortable, scary feeling for me. There was no personal space – people were pressed up against me, and the place smelled like a mix of body odor and beer. As soon as I got to a side street, I pushed my way over to it, walked the square blocks back toward the hotel, and ate in the hotel restaurant, but not before going back up to the room and taking a shower.


  4. Bob, thanks for sharing. The smell was there but the people weren’t. Very light crowd, although it was only 730pm when I left. Who knows how crowded it gets after that.

    There was a certain disregard, and acceptance (and maybe even anticipation), that it would be hedonistic, no matter the price that would be paid.

    Have an awesome Friday.

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