Wrote 28k words last week according to Grammarly

  Writing changes people. Only people who write daily understand this. Wish i could impart the wisdom to everyone who isn’t prepared to do the work. What a fantasy, right? Start writing a little bit every day. If you really want to live on the edge, publish every day. Show the world what you believe in. […]

Please fail more often

  Dear son, please fail more often. Fear and risk are inseparable. Risk and failure are inseparable. Failure and growth are inseparable. To grow, fail. Son, remember, i want you to do as much of this as possible before you leave home to start your own life.   __________   This website is about our mental attitude. […]

Dear Risk

  Dear Risk, i know you mean well, but you scare me half to death sometimes. And other times you are simply a bully. i hate you…and i love you. On my office wall hangs a Hugh MacLeod art piece that says: I’m not delusional, I’m an entrepreneur. Literally, my mantra since 2008 has been […]