Prolific opportunities

statue of boy reading a book
Windermere public library at 530 Main Street.

Prolific opportunities…

When you write everyday, without missing a single day, Magic happens.

Additionally, when you do this in an extra-ordinary way, for 13 consecutive years, something beyond Magic happens.

i cannot explain it to you because it’s extra-ordinary. It’s territory only i’ve reached (in this genre, blogging). But the hope is that you can discern an important and unique message that speaks to you – something in its own way, something crazy.

One thing to share now – and the reason for this post – is the daily opportunity to think on “public-paper”.

Not private thoughts, only swimming in my head.

Not private thoughts, only shared with a single confidant.

Not private thoughts printed, but filed away where no one will ever see.

But private thoughts that are publicly shared with the entire world.

Wrap your head around how crazy (out-of-place) that sounds.

Wrap your head around ways this radical concept (private yet globally public – that doesn’t even make sense, but in my head, it does) benefits the artist. Today’s other four posts explore this as it unpacks inside my brain in real time.

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