One Question A Day?

Have you read Mid Life Celebration?

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Risk like you mean it.

Have you read Mid Life Celebration?

As a slow reader, it takes me about 75 minutes total.

Faster readers can do it in one hour.

When was the last time you read an entire book in an hour?

At last count (not including all the reads before it was published), i’ve read it 31 times.

At $4.99, the electronic version on Amazon is yours right now.

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The Next Lecture

We Know That What We Read Has A Dramatic Affect On Our Attitude

Life celebrations can come at any time, any age. And jeff noel just happens to be in the space between young adulthood and old age. We know that what we read has a dramatic affect on our attitude.

Spring 2009, reading The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch, was exceptionally motivating because the timing was perfect. This month is dedicated to keeping that motivation alive. Even kicking it up a notch – The Next Lecture. You in?

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