As we age, one goal becomes clearer

High School senior banquet last night.

The first time attending a high school senior banquet.

A once-in-a-lifetime passage for some.

As we age, one goal becomes clearer…

The goal is not to eliminate struggle, but to have the mental capacity to weather every struggle; and to seek assistance when we are stuck.

One of our biggest challenges is to struggle with things we can’t control.

This challenging struggle exists because we either doubt we can influence or we fear we can’t influence.

We get better at discerning controllable and not controllable as we age, because aging inherently suggests we’ve experienced more.

More experience generally equals more wisdom.

Of course there are exceptions.

More wisdom generally means an improved batting average.

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Does your attitude nourish your creativity to thrive?

Wheelchair and walker
My 94-year old Mother-In-Law arrived last night for her first visit in a decade.


Does your attitude nourish your creativity to thrive?

Simple and decent self-test to see if you’re successful. The abundance you feel with each is the measure:

  • Peace in your soul.
  • Joy in your spirit.
  • Love in your heart.

(the 2nd half of our daily dinner prayer includes “We pray for peace in our soul, joy our spirit, and love in our heart, for all our family, all our friends, and especially all those people less fortunate.)


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Dear Prayer

Disney Leadership Speakers
Two days ago, September 9, 2016. (i know this will post Dec 11, 2016.


Dear Prayer,

i distinctly remember how overwhelmingly full Church was on Sunday September 16, 2001.

They say attitude is everything. Cliche, right?

On that Monday after 9/11, with a tone of unease, many colleagues remarked how crowded their Church was – what with all the inconveniences from chaotic parking, seating, exiting. Not to mention the subtle distaste (i felt from their tone) they harbored for fair-weather Christians.

And yet i couldn’t help but rejoice in this vision:

Wouldn’t it be great if Church was like that every Sunday? Why, we’d have to build or enlarge so many more Churches to accommodate the overflowing capacity. Wouldn’t that be glorious?


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Our biggest struggle doesn’t need to be

Florida Wildflower
Rare Florida wildflower during yesterday’s run.


You know the whole notion of the serenity prayer? To be able to tell the difference between what we can and cannot control.

How’s that working out?

Here’s what i’ve discovered over the years:

My biggest struggle came from not working hard enough nor long enough to intuitively know what i can’t control.

So i hung onto the impossible-to-change stuff. A heavy emotional burden.

Hanging onto this was hell.

Letting go of everything i cannot control is bliss.

Came to find out i focused on what i couldn’t control so i didn’t have to focus on what i can.

Crazy. Stupid even.

Why else would i do it?

Do i still worry about things i cannot control?

The only acceptable answer is, “No”.

Does this sound familiar?

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May It Be Delightful?

Before me, may it be delightful.

Behind, may it be delightful.

Around me, may it be delightful.

Above, may it be delightful.

All, may it be delightful.   —Navajo Prayer

Can five short sentences positively impact our day today?  Can they bring us joy?  Can they, at the very least, plant a “reminder seed” that today will be full of opportunities to give and receive joy?

Today will be a day full of opportunities to give and receive joy.  Right?