Our biggest struggle doesn’t need to be

Florida Wildflower
Rare Florida wildflower during yesterday’s run.


You know the whole notion of the serenity prayer? To be able to tell the difference between what we can and cannot control.

How’s that working out?

Here’s what i’ve discovered over the years:

My biggest struggle came from not working hard enough nor long enough to intuitively know what i can’t control.

So i hung onto the impossible-to-change stuff. A heavy emotional burden.

Hanging onto this was hell.

Letting go of everything i cannot control is bliss.

Came to find out i focused on what i couldn’t control so i didn’t have to focus on what i can.

Crazy. Stupid even.

Why else would i do it?

Do i still worry about things i cannot control?

The only acceptable answer is, “No”.

Does this sound familiar?

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