Dear Son

Everything takes longer than you expect

Disney Keynote Speakers
i’ve been dreaming for a few years that someone would cross my path that could create images like these. This image includes the Adobe Spark watermark. We’ve since upgraded the subscription to eliminate all watermarks.


Generally speaking, everything takes longer than you expect.

So please don’t become impatient or discouraged by your inability to quickly accomplish certain things.

Impatience and discouragement are sure bets for quitting.

Quitting leads to wondering “what might have been”.

“Might have been” leads to regret.

And reget, last time i checked, sucks.


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Joy In Your Spirit

The gift of another ordinary day – i’ll drink to that

Kentucky bourbon
Kentucky bourbon in the hotel room. Very few people have the willpower to drink just the right amount – which ranges from none to half an ounce. Imagine an elite athlete or world-class performer drinking just enough to become impaired before they do their thing. They’d never do it.


Kentucky bourbon
Doesn’t take much to produce a buzz. Like a kid in a candy shop, right? Somehow, candy shops make overindulging in sugar seem like a great idea. Same with this hotel room arrangement.


The gift of another ordinary day – i’ll drink to that.


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About Mid Life Celebration

Everyday is guaranteed to be ordinary

quote about balance
Balance should not be elusive.


Today, like every single day since April Fools Day 2009, five brief posts are offered up to relish the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit, work, and home.

The purpose of these five daily blog posts is to warm up for the day ahead. To contemplate how we will balance our daily energy so we never feel unbalanced.

Everyday is guaranteed to be ordinary. Extra-ordinary days are up to us. Note to self: be an over-achiever.




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.


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1st month of retirement

What is Disney’s best kept secret?

Disney's Best Leadership Consultants


(photo: Spent a few hours yesterday reworking and changing all social media avatars with the photo above – taken a month or so ago)

What is Disney’s best kept secret? Disney Vacation Club had it as a tagline for many years.

In the world of positive organizational culture attitude, Disney’s best kept secret is an Orlando based Motivational speaker and 30-year Disney veteran. The fact he can confidently make this claim is a testament to the power of our mental thoughts.

He’s out on his own, speaking and enlightening business leaders in the world’s most respected companies. He did it for 15 years at Disney Institute, and he’s still doing it, here.

PS. (This post was written 100 days ago, shortly after retiring. Reading it now, Feb 28, it feels awkward. Leaving it as is. It captures the vibe of that day, right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate.)

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Dear Son

The opportunity for unbelievable days is limitless

Main Street USA early morning


(photo: Is 7:30am the right time, on a Tuesday?)

When is the time right for an unbelievable day?

The opportunity for unbelievable days is limitless. What if we began the day praying, reading, thinking, writing. What if we acted as if we had actually made time for this?

Sharpening the saw as the saying goes. Could an ordinary day be given new life?

Instead of simply driving directly to the hotel parking lot and making a bee line for the classroom we did this…

We rethink the start of the day.

We drive first to the city shuttle, park there instead of the hotel and ride the shuttle to the north end of town. Then we could walk beneath the city and come up on the south end, down by Main Street. Take a brief stroll down Main Street before traffic gets busy, then cut over to the local Hotel to get to the classroom where we’d be a student for a week learning from one of the world’s most admired companies.

Simple pleasures taken for granted.


No, not really.

This is a common privilege, rarely taken.

But not yesterday.

And so it goes, one day and then another.

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