Dear readers, these twin demons challenge our every hope of succeeding

Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
We see things at first glance and think it is what it is


Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
Things are not always as they appear


Colorful beads at Apple Store window display
Things are still not always as they appear


What does the new year have in store for us? Are we already resigned to defeat, or chomping at the bit for the opportunity to begin another year?

The twin demons of fear and compliance. They can kill our dreams slowly, one busy day after another.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.
– Bertrand Russell

Living with regret is worse than living with failure.

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  1. Some would say that the latter (compliance) means there is a structure within which one’s duties should be carried out. With that, it could go in the creative or non-creative direction. It could provide the ingrained basis that one could then utilize and enrich, taking it the creative route; or it could be the suffocating system that doesn’t allow one to get out. Whether or not that happens depends on you.

  2. Craig, we are each CEO of our life.

    Chief Executive Officer. In charge of everything.


    Capable of changing whatever we want.

    No CEO in any company has an easy life.

    Which also means no person has an easy life.

    But we all have one.

    And we are solely in charge of it.

  3. Very true.
    It’s fun to think about.
    Hard to grasp, at first, due to that first demon (fear). Gotta overcome that puppy to gain the courage to step out.
    I will say that the second (compliance) does allow one to sit very firmly in one’s comfort zone.
    Then, it comes down to grasping what that motivation truly is, where it’s coming from. (I feel like I might have seen something about that somewhere recently…)

  4. Craig, my friend, no one has do anything except go through the motions. Nothing illegal there.

    The challenge is when we get older (you’ve got a ways to go to catch up), we realize that we can not get back lost opportunities, that now with hindsight, we wished we would have acted on. Staying physically active for example, or volunteering at Church more, etc.

    Basically, we have to lie in the bed we make.

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