Dear Son, Use Caution When Dreaming

Dreams, Like Sand Castles, Can Be Easily Washed Away

Dear Son, use caution when dreaming. There’s a time and a place for dreaming, it would seem. The challenge is discerning this. At 52, maybe I’m dreaming too big. Maybe it’s too much, too late.

Who am I to think it’s possible to change our educational, parenting and personal responsibility paradigms? For today anyway, it’s feeling quite impossible.

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  1. Somedays moving closer to a dream will be a baby step or even two steps backwards. But keeping focused and with the design towards making it happen, and it will. Positive cause – positive effect.

  2. I’m feeling the serendipity that you’re talking about dreams — received a devotional yesterday about pursuing dreams, and the author challenged me to write down 100 dreams that I want to pursue. So I’m up to 90! Some big, some small, some selfish and some noble. People may call it silliness to dream, but I’m thinking dreams will turn into prayers when you share them with our Father.

  3. Natalie, thanks for sharing the serendipity. The harder we work, the luckier we get. Later today, Guest Blogger Lorie Sheffer’s post speaks about selfishness (in a good way).

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