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2010 Year In Review

Inspired by a Seth Godin post, here is “2010 Year in Review“:

  • Wrote 5 different blogs every day
  • 3,000th post milestone on Halloween (how scary is that?)
  • MLC Facebook Fan Page
  • Reached the 50k, 60k, 70k and 80k monthly visits
  • Added Social Media Icons & email opt in option
  • Began every day on my knees
  • Core Strength 3x greater than 2009 World Championship fitness
  • Finished 1st Book’s Storyboard
  • Produced over 300 pages raw (book) content
  • New Puppy

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Humility (never enough) Rethink

A World-Class Thinker Thinks

Unintentionally Intimidating
Unintentionally Intimidating

A world-class thinker thinks deeper, broader and higher than those around her.

While world-class thinkers can frustrate and can be frustrated, they are indispensable, or as Seth Godin has coined, they are Linchpins.

These thinkers are typically most easily identified by the questions they ask – the ones everyone should have a clear, concise and compelling answer to, but don’t.

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