Nothing else will compel us to do whatever it takes

Boy on bike at dusk near Walt Disney World
Seriously, we would die for it? Absolutely.


Want to help make the world a better place? Be the person that offers something good to the world.

And if we want to help change the world, we must be willing to do something we would die for.

Nothing else will compel us to do whatever it takes.

Because it’s simply too easy to quit when it gets tough.

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Humility (never enough) Rethink

A World-Class Thinker Thinks

Unintentionally Intimidating
Unintentionally Intimidating

A world-class thinker thinks deeper, broader and higher than those around her.

While world-class thinkers can frustrate and can be frustrated, they are indispensable, or as Seth Godin has coined, they are Linchpins.

These thinkers are typically most easily identified by the questions they ask – the ones everyone should have a clear, concise and compelling answer to, but don’t.

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