What Scares jeff noel About Blogging Is That People May Simply Want The Answers

The question shouldn’t be, “What is that?” The question should be, “Why do you find it so interesting?” Which would you rather be, knowledgeable or curious? Next Blog

Aim For Perfection, Settle For Excellence

Walt Disney said, “Aim for perfection. Settle for excellence”. Gotta admit, even excellence seems elusive some days. But I keep taking pictures, knowing that some may be blurry – which could be exactly what makes them excellent. It would seem though, that what Walt really meant was to make excellence a habit. Because if it […]

All jeff noel Can Tell You Is That Finding A Million Ways To Stay Strong Is Like Hitting The Lottery

Dear Son, I almost caved while we were on Sanibel Island. The thought of you turning 11 today and the promise I made to be the best Dad I could were the keys to not falling. Earlier this summer when I asked you if you could ever see your Dad drinking a beer, and you […]