What Scares jeff noel About Blogging Is That People May Simply Want The Answers

The question shouldn’t be, “What is that?” The question should be, “Why do you find it so interesting?”

Which would you rather be, knowledgeable or curious?

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  1. To me knowledge is finite. I read one book I learn what is in one book. But being curiosity opens up the books and then the knowledge in an infinite library.

  2. Its definitely a ctenophore (comb jelly). It looks like either a species of mnemiopsis or beroe, but I can’t tell since it isn’t in the water. I’m a marine biologist, so identifying critters comes naturally. Now for the fun, why do I find it interesting? An animal made of 95% saltwater that seems to glow as it moves looking like an alien from outer space!!! I like the combination of knowledge and curiosity, so for me, the answer to your question is BOTH!

  3. Sally, thanks for your visit. There were literally tens of thousands passing by the causeway as the tide slowly rolled out. From tiny to the largest (in the photo). I mean the waters where just saturated with them.

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