All jeff noel Can Tell You Is That Finding A Million Ways To Stay Strong Is Like Hitting The Lottery

Dear Son, I almost caved while we were on Sanibel Island. The thought of you turning 11 today and the promise I made to be the best Dad I could were the keys to not falling.

Earlier this summer when I asked you if you could ever see your Dad drinking a beer, and you said, “You? No way!”

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  1. Happy Birthday to your son. 11 is a special year. (as well as 12, 13, 14….)

  2. Aw man . . . I missed it. Happy Birthday Chapin! Get your mom and dad to take you to Disney World for your birthday. Maybe even ride a roller coaster while you’re there. I hear they have some of the most awesome rides around. 😉

    Their customer service is second to none, too!

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