Dear Readers

Did Ja?

Generally, the Herd is unremarkable…

Did you do something yesterday that got you closer to what you want? If you did, great. If not, today is another day. Are ya wondering about what I did?

Had a crown (tooth) replaced yesterday, requiring 4 hours. Also had a 30-minute run (much too elusive lately), again, time consuming.

Neither of these were big, amazing milestones. Just a few steps moving forward. Pursuing good health. People often think impossible goals mean something no one has ever done.

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Joy In Your Spirit

Disney Dream Photos – Set 1 of 5

This Mid Life Celebration blog is about our attitude and mental wellness. For example:

Impossible is just a word people use to justify not trying. Joy is the word people use to confirm trying was worth it.

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Should you quote me?

Should you?

I think you should! Here goes:

“If your goal isn’t impossible, you’re not reaching high enough”.

Do what you want. That’s what we all do isn’t it? No one can make us do anything. We’re adults, right.

The advice I give to myself? “Live, before you die”.

Dude, once you die, you get no second chance. If you don’t understand this and act on it, who you gonna blame? Me? Like I have any control over you whatsoever.

Make it a great day, because if you don’t, who will?