Be brutally honest with this person at all costs?

Quote about telling the truth
The first person we want to be brutally honest with is ourself


Be brutally honest with this person at all costs?

First and foremost, ourselves.

Yes, at all costs.

Take no prisoners.

Be careful with everyone else though.

It can have the reverse effect.

Pain. Intimidation. Self-righteousness. Narcissist. Zealot.

Let the fear of being condemned and labeled be the cross you bear.

Eventually, you’ll come to realize what they think is pointless.

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  1. Recent trying times hammered home the point and the question: Do I Still Love Myself? Doesn’t really matter what others think… Forgiveness and acceptance start within our own heart.

  2. What others think should be accepted and used for good. It should never be used though, to define who we are.

    Others can be reveal painful blind spots.

    What we have to decide is what we do with this information.

    And we must always remember that every single one of us has blind spots.

    This is where forgiveness is so valuable.

    Be well and remain amazed today.

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