Having a vibrantly positive attitude and a line you can’t cross

sidewalk biking near Walt Disney World
Couple days ago, biking to gym (habit), next to (Resort linens) Walt Disney World’s Textile Service Plant.


Every thing costs something.

Vibrancy comes with a price.

Spoiler alert…consistency.

Having a vibrantly positive attitude and a line you can’t cross.

You can’t cross a line and say, “Today i’m not gonna focus on being positive.”

The key to vibrancy is consistency.




Difficult at first.

Once mastered, habit.

Habits are easy.

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The mind sees what it wants to see

Spotted this in a parking lot and immediately interpreted it as “VISION”.


The mind sees what it wants to see.

We train it to think a certain way, over the course of our life.

The past few weeks, i’ve been helping some folks commit to a vision that’s clear, concise, and compelling.

They’re making progress.

Not nearly as fast as they’d like, but nothing worthwhile magically falls from the sky.

And just to clarify those lucky breaks that sometimes happen; luck favors the prepared.

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This test will be repeated every day until you die

Barnes and Noble book shelf
Are you going to write the book you privately tell yourself you want to write? Photo: Yesterday at Barnes and Noble.


This test repeats itself every day until you die.

You make, or don’t make a decision, and then you wonder if you did the right thing.

Or, you agonize over not making the best decision and beat yourself up. You know what you should have done, but you didn’t.

This doubt and corresponding fear become an insidious habit. You justify this in your mind. The security in playing it safe feels better than the opportunity in being brave.


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Playing it safe ruins it for ourselves

Residential average near Disney World
Neighbor’s new home is almost ready for the foundation cement pour. To have a beautiful home or a beautiful soul and only being able to pick one, which would we pick?


Playing it safe denies our desire to become authentic.

Denying our desire to be authentic poisons our soul.

Our soul and our attitude are inseparable.

Poisoning the soul means poisoning the attitude.




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