Prolific bloggers
New record for weekly word count at 54,590. The opposite of writer’s block, i suffer from writer’s flood.



prolific bloggers
New record for unique word usage at 3,099. This is surprising because i do not consider my vocabulary anything more than average (at best).



How brave am i?
Am i a work in progress?
Is it impossible?
Can i be the change i wish to see in our world?
The critiques i easily muster against others are the perfect intensity and frequency to critique myself.
Anything less is a double standard. No?


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This test will be repeated every day until you die

Barnes and Noble book shelf
Are you going to write the book you privately tell yourself you want to write? Photo: Yesterday at Barnes and Noble.


This test repeats itself every day until you die.

You make, or don’t make a decision, and then you wonder if you did the right thing.

Or, you agonize over not making the best decision and beat yourself up. You know what you should have done, but you didn’t.

This doubt and corresponding fear become an insidious habit. You justify this in your mind. The security in playing it safe feels better than the opportunity in being brave.


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This website is about our MIND. To read posts about our BODY, click here.