No one cares about your 2191 consecutive days

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(photo: The writing’s goal was to get some practice so a book – to the child above – could be written.)

No one cares about your 2191 consecutive days.

No problem.

Obviously if caring about what others did or thought was the driver, today wouldn’t mark the beginning of the seventh year.

Would have quit long ago. Might not have even made it to the original goal of 100 days.

You have come far when you can not remember the last time you complained abut something.

Coming to the realization that only one person grants permission is one of the journey’s greatest blessings.

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April Fools #1

Epcot Starbucks
What’s in the distance is often challenging to determine easily


April Fools Day happens once each year in America.

Yesterday’s posts were April Fool’s jokes.

Those posts were written in the spirit of the day.

No harm, no foul, right?

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