Final All Hallows Eve? Final New Years Eve?

Apple live event 2018
Yesterday, October 30, 2018, i watched an Apple live event held in Brooklyn, New York. Watched it on an iPhone.


Apple live event 2018
Tim said, “Thank you! Thank you, thank you, wow. Wow.”


Apple live event 2018
Joy. Pure joyous excitement. i’m excited to buy my (potentially) final Apple product, the new iPad Pro 12.9″.


Final All Hallows Eve?

Don’t know.

Final New Years Eve?

Don’t know.

But if it turns out to be true, will i look back on these two days (60 days apart) and wish i had done something differently, had i known for sure they would be my last?


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The paradox of finishing

Mid Life Celebration


(photo: Looking forward to one last day at the office as an official Disney leader)

The paradox of finishing.

Today, Halloween 2014, is the final day as a full-time Walt Disney World Cast Member and Leader.

What looks like the finish line is actually not the end at all.

At. All.

It is the beginning.

A gutsy move to serve more, as if that’s even possible.

And it is.

PS. Intentionally picked Halloween because leaving something that’s in your DNA and that you love to do is really scary.

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