Dear Son

What would you give for one more last chance?

Screen shot from Pinterest
Recent screen shot from Pinterest.


Don’t fear failure, fear not having the chance to take the risk.

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About Mid Life Celebration

The speech’s content is as powerful as the wheel was to progress

Marriott Harbor Beach sunrise
Sunrise is not far away.


Marriott Harbor Beach morning view
Same, but different.


Marriott Harbor Beach Keynote Speech
Moved table from wall to sliding door. Always facing East to write.


Disney Corporate Keynote Speaker
First thing i see on LinkedIn at 530am yesterday. My speech’s message is their new wheel.


Are mistakes really gifts in disguise?


Success is built upon a foundation of failure.

Mid Life Celebration, and yesterday’s Leadership Keynote speech was fertilized with failure.

The long way is the short cut.

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Would Your Life Change?

What if we had the habit of having the guts to risk failure?

This was the warmup 5k. The race time was five minutes faster.


Windermere 5k route map
This was the warmup before the race.


What if we had the habit of having the guts to risk failure?

In ten years of running 5k’s, have never run the entire course as a pre-race warmup.

Until yesterday.

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Make your best mistake

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There are only a handful of people who’ve been here for all six years.


We don’t have to be ordinary.

Make your best mistake.

Then do it again.

And again.

It takes tremendous faith and conviction to believe what we want to happen will happen eventually…

By making enough mistakes, we reach the point of discovering a breakthrough success.

Not only don’t we have to be ordinary, we don’t want to be.

Not anymore.

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Outlasting Fear

Falling is living

teen tshirt message


(photo: Ninth grader’s tee-shirt two days ago… have asked Daniel several times for permission to photograph his tee-shirts… he may never know they show up on Mid Life Celebration’s blogs)

The ninth grader sees the future with endless possibilities. Just like Baby Boomers did when they were the same age.

The teen wore a tee-shirt (above) that implies making mistakes is part of life’s journey, our obligation.

Making mistakes is part of life. A huge part.

As important to learning how to thrive, as learning to walk.

Yet aging reduces that desire in many people.

Where is the wisdom in that?

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