Eliminating paper (work)

First time home buyers
First time home buyers.


First time home buyers
First time home buyers.


First time home buyers
First time home buyers.


First time home buyers
First time home buyers.


homeowner filing system
Homeowner filing system. Only need to keep the past seven years (2017 – 2011).


paperless vendor system
Eliminating paper (work).


backyard fire pit
Social security numbers used to be on all important documents. So much burning this weekend.


Eliminating paper (work).

Photos include visual evidence of:

Our first home had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1-car garage (1,100 sq. feet).

That house cost $47,400 in 1985.

Our first mortgage was $45,000.

When mailing our monthly mortgage payment, an extra principal payment of just $52 saved us over $700 in interest.

i burned dozens of paper files from our 35-year marriage’s history.


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Midlife, entrepreneurial, digital insanity?


i question whether or not Facebook serves my attitude.

Facebook is almost like spam. There are so many things posted that i have no interest in.

i rarely post personal stuff because i really only want my family and closest friends to see it.

Been playing around with different settings to see if i can eliminate most of the unwanted messages. Meanwhile, i’ve already cut 157 connections – all of them people i call friends.

If this is confusing, remember that being friends isn’t reliant on being connected on Facebook.




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“Idiot: (noun) an utterly foolish and senseless person”.Dictionary.com

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Is it?

Well, it is if you’re an utterly foolish and senseless person. Seriously.

The winds of change are a blowin’.  Got hurricane insurance?