Don’t be effort-less

Lake McDonald recreation
Glacier National Park (GNK). Lake McDonald, Sprauge fire 2017. Paddle-boarder and kayaker.
Disney Customer Service Speakers
Glacier National Park, (GNP). Disney Characters brought from Orlando. Simply to make others smile as they walked by. Photo from outside my Apgar Village Inn room.
Disney Leadership Speakers
Glacier National Park (GNP). Sprauge fire September 2017. From inside my Apgar Village Inn room.

Effort drives success more than talent. That’s how i represented, at age 50, the USA in the 2009 Masters Track and Field World Championships in Finland. It’s how i published a book in 2013. It’s why i am currently (2020) the unofficial world record holder for most blog posts by a single author (record is 17,212 posts, i’m closing in on 21,000).


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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Protecting our attitude requires 100% determination

Buddha quotes
Photo: Facebook screen shot yesterday.


Protecting our attitude requires 100% determination.

Once we cave, it’s over.

Talk about ‘the walking dead’.

And when we never cave, talk about the strength.


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