Straight talk should be welcomed or diverted?

microphone closeup in big arena
Straight talk? Worth it’s weight in gold and then some.


Life is a terminal condition. We are all going to die.

And only one person knows your answer to the upcoming question…

Five plus years ago in the Mid Life Celebration brainstorming process and visioning process, a few sound bites struck like lightning.

Live, before you die.

Life is not a dress rehearsal.

Live like you mean it.

So yeah, we are all going to die.

But are we all going to live before it’s over?

Only one person knows your answer.

And only one person is in charge of this answer.

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I think most of us live in fear that we have gotten expert in denying

jeff noel sitting between two life-sized human wood carvings
Dreamers, especially the youngest one


I think most of us live in fear – a fear we’ve become expert in denying. And because we are so good denying it, we live our days on auto-pilot.

To those of you who read my posts regularly, you, unknowingly probably, are part of a small percentage of our population that isn’t satisfied with following the herd – the traditional, majority led conformity thinking.

Good for you.

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