This book isn’t about jeff noel

Famous Royalty
Being in the spotlight is life for some.


Made the decision five years ago to the day (1.1.09) to just shut the heck up and start doing the really important things personally promised long, long ago.

Betting we would literally set ourselves on fire if we finally discovered the second most magnificent day in our life.

This book isn’t about jeff noel. It’s about balancing life five big buckets, and forever choosing between give up or never give up.

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A year from now we will have wished for this one thing

Runner on old Florida dirt road
We can get pretty far if we do a little each day, and never stop.


A year from now, we’ll wish we had begun this week.

Maybe we expect to fail. Which is a crock.

Is that it? So we stop trying?

For $16.72 on Amazon, you can buy a book unlike any you’ve ever read.

And you can trust it because it’s from an uncommonly grateful Father to his young Son.

It’s not a ‘how-to’ book, it’s a ‘why‘ book.

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