Everyday is an opportunity to sculpt our authenticity

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Yesterday, December 19, 2016 at Be Our Guest in Fantasyland.


Counting today, there are six days until Christmas 2016. First year ever where i’m ready for it in advance.

Stress and pressure inhibits thinking, and inhibited thinking robs us from feeling authentic.

And yet…

And yet authenticity brings freedom and joy.

i always have a brief moment of hesitation whenever i write about specific calendar days that don’t add up when the blog post goes live. This post won’t go live until March 20, 2017.

Why mention Christmas when you know Christmas will be long gone by late March?

Because i used to worry that most will be confused, and confused readers don’t hang around long.

But writing helps me process and think.

And while i began writing in 2008 hoping to gain a following, i’ve transformed into writing for the people – mostly family and friends – who get the obscure way i’ve come to write.

Dear readers, my Christmas wish for you is that you have a similar experience in overcoming your fear, doubt, and misaligned goals.


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