Mid Life Celebration Is When…

Daily Bear Hugs Are Under-Rated
Daily Bear Hugs Are Under-Rated

What are the joyous moments in your day to day routine?

Do you have them?

Are you conscious of them as they happen?

Are you willing to work for them?

Is it worth the effort?

Do you have any idea what I’m talking about?

Every Monday for the past four years after school, on the way home, our son (9) and I stop at Twistee Treat for ice cream.

But before we get in the car at the school parking lot, we do our daily bear hug.

Mid Life Celebration is when…

Weekly Tradition
Weekly Tradition

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  1. There is really nothing to say about this post except that it gives me warm fuzzies!

    Having lost my dad when I was 13, I miss having this type of relationship. Make the most of every day.

  2. Not really. I was too absorbed in myself (read selfish) to think about much else.

    I am trying to do more with my son to make whatever time we are blessed with special. Creating memories now so that down the road should I suffer the same fate, my son will have something to look back on and remember the good not the bad.

    It did take me a while to get over the loss. June 22nd (his birthday) and December 23rd (his death) still are special days where I get reflective and think of the years we did have together.

    I just got some old family pictures from my mom’s house recently. I’ll get them in digital format to preserve them. Found some pictures from a trip to WDW in 1972.

  3. Looking forward to your 1972 WDW pics.

    Your blog could also be used as a trail for your son (and Daughter, and perhaps grandkids), to know what you believed in and stood for. What you struggled with and the victories you enjoyed. The places you went. The people you knew.

    What it was like to live so many years on Earth and the lessons you learned and the ones you wish you could have….

    Maybe this doesn’t seem so important to a functional Family, but I don’t remember my Grandfather, nor my Dad, teaching me anything about life.

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