We have three choices when we hear statements like this

Stupid, ignorant quote about balance
Bullcrap! As CEO, you can do whatever you see fit to blow the roof of conventional ‘wisdom’.


We have three choices when we hear statements like the one in the above photo:

1. react

2. respond

3. initiate

The challenge is time, and energy, and determination, and goals, and fear, and blah, blah, blah.

Do something instead of killing time. Because time is killing you. – Paulo Coelho

Figure it out. You’re are the CEO of You, Inc.

PS. We all want each other to succeed.

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  1. Jeff,

    I loved that quote you had, not because I agree with it, but because it is a challenge to show otherwise for myself. I don’t need to prove that to Keith H. Hammonds – that is something I have to reconcile within myself between God and me. Believe me – when I am out of balance, God knows, and my family lets me know. And when things are in balance, the same is true – God knows, and my family lets me know.

    Don’t get me wrong – balance is not always easy to find at all. It can be really hard when being pulled from all directions. That is one of those times when the big picture of life hits – I can’t do it all on my own, and God is the only one who has to help me.

    And to that end, Keith H. Hammonds may be absolutely correct in his deductions. Alone, in your own power, you may not be able to achieve balance. You might think that you can, and then you find when you reach it that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. Assistance is what you need – and God can use the actions of others to help you!


  2. Bob, for a variety of reasons, and especially those reasons being led by media of all sorts, we have some nebulous notion of balance.

    Balance isn’t absence of stress. Which is what many people think is the byproduct of balance.

    Balance is taking a person inventory (at whatever intervals we choose) and giving ourselves a grade or evaluation on how much energy we are expending mentally, physically, spiritually, professionally (work), and personally (home).

    Our energy ought to feel like no one area of the five is being neglected. It should feel like each area is symbiotic with the others.

    When one is enhanced, all are enhanced.

    When one is diminished, all are diminished.

    And we want to be in a place were we can recognize it almost instantaneously, and even to predict it in the future and take action now to mitigate it.

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