Midlife growth spurt?

Florida homeowner pool near Disney
Two days ago after a run…finished up a phone call seconds before the photo.


Solving for: Why do i share personal blog posts on social media, and not business posts?

Context: Lee Cockerell spent 16 years at Walt Disney World, including the final decade as Executive Vice President of Operations. Lee led 40k Cast Members. He has a prestigious window on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street USA.

A Disney Legend.

Lee Cockerell told me years ago (mid-1990’s) that when he joined Disney, he observed Cast Members having two calendars. One for their professional life and one for their personal life. He helped me (and countless others) realize that we have one life, and therefore should only have one calendar…

The blog posts i share on LinkedIn are always personal, even though it’s a business site. Yet the posts contain the DNA of a lifetime (30+ years) at Disney. Lee reminded me that the same person is in both places, work and home. Trying to be two different people seems misleading, and maybe even life-threatening to our soul.

Self-reflection, already an excellent daily habit since April Fools Day 2009 , has been heightened the past 10 days since receiving John W Jolin’s email asking for a $7,500 payment (versus $30k, for which he believes i would have to pay should we go to court: plus attorney’s fees).

This morning’s reflection, based on yesterday’s (a Saturday) creative work session for a client’s workbook has made me realize how stunningly powerful daily (public) blogging can transform a person – taking them to a level of confidence they never imagined possible.




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