Dear Son, karma and luck are distant cousins

Sunrise near Walt Disney World
Yesterday, a Sunday morning (November 8, 2015) while working for two hours to keep up.


Dear Son, karma and luck are not the same thing. They may seem similar but there’s a distinct difference.

Karma, good or bad, attracts like-minded karma.

Luck, good or bad, does not attract like-minded luck.

We choose karma. We do not choose luck.

The notion that the harder you work the luckier you get seems romantically true. But luck and hard work have nothing to do with each other.

Hard work allows you to fail faster and more often. Failing strengthens your resolve and it also strengthens your creativity – both are essential in overcoming the things everyone must overcome.

Hard work, over time, builds something that can easily get mislabeled as “luck”.




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By jeff noel

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