Thriving strategies and tactics learned from a life at Disney

Top New Years Resolutions
Being fit and at a vibrant body weight, plus living life to the fullest – what if that was us?


Personal leadership is the most important, mission critical strategy for thriving in life versus surviving. Self-discipline is the key tactic in accomplishing this strategy.

There is nothing more important than being crystal clear on what your goal is.

For instance, my goal is to be an example for our son, rather than a warning. An example on how to age in a healthy, balanced way, and live with peace and contentment in spite of life’s never-ending hardships challenges.

Then be unwavering in your commitment in building, and lifetime maintenance of, a foundation based on:

  1. Impeccable honesty
  2. Behaving admirably
  3. Personal responsibility
  4. Self-control

We either work hard to be self-disciplined or we work hard recovering from poor self-discipline.




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