So what?

Disneyland Star Wars name tags
Blue is for annual pass holders only.


Disneyland Star Wars name tags
At first glance, when worn by a Guest, it looks like a Cast Member name tag.


Disney Star Wars brand
Last week we purchased Star Wars name tags at Disneyland. Using E, F (2) and J to get…jeff. So what?


So what?

This game-changing question is so simple.

This game-changing question is so annoying.

We hate annoying.

And our two biggest defense tactics against annoying are denial and disregard.

Life is compellingly challenging. We could even go as far as saying life’s brutal. The constant issues that pop up unexpectedly. Some of them small and insignificant. Some of them potentially control our destiny – destiny we would never willingly pursue.

So what?

Annoying isn’t it?

We watched Return of the Sith last night.

Favorite line from Yoda:

Let go of everything you are attached to.

Favorite line from my first book:

Let go of waiting and doing nothing.

Your destiny is counting on this.




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