It’s not about the money, even when the money is great

Refundable airfare rules
Our life is not eligible for a refund.


Sunset at Epcot with Monorail
Our days come to an end one at a time.


A great friend shared this yesterday:

“My 21-year old cousin had just been in a motorcycle accident and died twice on the table, but he miraculously made it. Then i get the invitation from you…everyone was happy at your retirement party. A few days later at my company’s (near Disney World, Time Share, obsessively money and numbers driven culture) quarterly breakfast celebration, no one was happy. That’s when it hit me that it’s not about the money.”

A blinding flash of the obvious only becomes obvious well into our life, usually decades into it.

The temptation is to rationalize that it’s too late to transform.

At 13 years his senior, was honored that he thought i could offer sound perspective and wisdom.




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