jeff noel Really Wasn’t Sorry Yesterday, He Was Ecstatic About The Painful Truth

jeff noel is one of the fastest humans over 50, and btw, 7 stories up is USATF (track & field) HQ

Dear fellow Baby Boomers and mid-lifers. You do realize that jeff noel is here to lead anyone who wants to follow a different path. Like those before us and those after us, humans have an instinctive desire to make a contribution to society – and to have fun in the process.

To teach is to learn twice. With jeff noel’s 5,000th post on the horizon, to call noel a midlife expert would not be a mistake. He knows that pain is a gift, and confusion is the gateway to learning.

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  1. Jeff Noel reminds me of another amazing man who spoke in puzzles and parables and said, “If anyone wants to be first, he must be the very last, and the servant of all.”

  2. Natalie, wow, that’s impressive company, you might say. It takes a moment to become a Christian, and a lifetime to become like Christ. Appreciate the encouragement.

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