You either run your habits or they run you

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Smoking is so addictive. Addiction is a habit that is hard to change. Is being disorganized an addiction? i have no idea. i do think, however, that we can be addicted to things that make being organized impossible.

Being able to do something well with relative ease is great when you do it.

If you know how to do something but struggle, for whatever reason, to do it consistently without being reminded, then you have an opportunity to develop more effective and efficient personal structure and processes for getting those things done.

Habits and rituals.

Personal responsibility.


Whether it’s the daily doing of your work, doing home chores, staying well physically and spiritually, or simply managing your home environment, the results you reap stem from the structure and processes you implement.

Back to, you guessed it, habits and rituals.

Reacting when reminded, or, initiating action without having to be reminded.

Both approaches are the result of habits and rituals.

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