The art of procrastination will yield big results here

hereditary behavior
going against popular behavior seems to run in the family

Where does the art of procrastination yield big results? If you can put off long enough the temptation to conform to what society, family, friends, the devil, significant others, teachers, bosses, colleagues, yada yada says you should, then you have witnessed procrastination’s slow transformational power.

Our next goal is to ignite the force just under the surface. If we don’t, well, we’ll never take off during our second half. Ever.

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  1. One of the more difficult parenting aspects is to let our children march to their own drummer. Teaching and modeling to those still growing can be as difficult as the growing.

  2. Patty, love your thought, “Teaching and modeling to those still growing can be as difficult as the growing”.

    As adults, modeling is our growing. We must become the change we wish to see, because we now know as parents, we has a captive (even if they pretend not) audience.

  3. First day of school, today. It’s raining. The suggestion to grab a coat or umbrella goes unheeded. Someone will have a very wet 15 minutes at the bus stop… Lesson learned? Maybe.

    This mom must remember to ask about school and classes rather than the bus ride and getting wet.

  4. Wisdom comes from experience. Experience comes from making mistakes. This is a tough challenge face – letting children make them.

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