Walking Wounded @ Mid Life?

Walking wounded at mid life? Sleeping wounded at mid life? Waking wounded at mid life? Awakened wounded at mid life? I’ve been all four. The one that works best, in my opinion, is awakened wounded. Ever wonder which one you are? We are all wounded. Ever heard the phrase, “Life’s a ‘beech’ and then you […]

Did You Do Your Best?

It runs through my mind everyday, all day, like the water over Niagara Falls – relentless, unstoppable, never ending. Only difference is that it’s much more subtle in our brains. The ability to awaken our subconscious minds, which are like the roaring water. Yet Niagara Falls is only visible to us when we get close […]

Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg?

Tip Of The Mid Life Iceberg? This question is vague. And also vague sometimes, is my courage to admit I’m at mid life and that the clock is ticking. If I’m to do something great. If I’m to make a difference. I’m to quit making excuses. If I’m to leave my comfort zone behind. I […]

Merry Christmas

What would it take for you to retire at 55?  What would you need in place to allow this to happen?  A website?  A blog?  A CPA?  An attorney?  A business plan?  A board of directors?  An internet storefront?  A company name?  A company structure?  A business account? A logo?  A tag line?  A story?  A […]