Everyone wants to get better

Grinnell Glacier Overlook hike
Granite Park Chalet. Every day i’m looking at flights, waiting for airfare to drop.


Literally everyone wants to get better.

Yet few people are willing to spend their lives to make it happen.


Part of the process gets lost or is never learned…

  • Without a sense of accomplishment and contribution, we stagnate and struggle to survive.
  • With a consistent sense of contribution and accomplishment, we grow and thrive.

We must learn the value of a lofty goal, persistent effort, and managing doubt.

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Take solace in being different

Hidden Disney Mickey
Easy to spot if you have an eye for it. And i’m not talking about the fish, but rather the mouse.


Take solace in being different.

As you grow and develop your brand, the most effective methods for marketing your brand will become clearer.

But remember this clarity builds only as long as you stay true to challenging conventional wisdom, which is, after all, the DNA of your brand. And that’s a big risk because it requires constantly going against the grain.

Most antagonists are frowned upon.

Get used to it.

Learn to thrive on it – knowing the world needs people who .think .differenty

That’s you.

It’s grueling work, noble work, and quite often, breathtaking work.

Best in your category or a category of one?

You’ll be making thousands of decisions in your lifetime. Your clear, concise, and compelling vision will guide you as long as you don’t back down.




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Is this the life we build or is it the other one?

Wisteria vine in parking lot of abandoned business
Wisteria vine in parking lot of abandoned business


Close up of Wisteria vine flowers
Close up of Wisteria vine flowers


giant bumble bee drinking Wisteria nectar
Been awhile since I closely watched a giant bumble bee


Is this the life we build or is it the other one?

The life of fitting in?

The life of standing out?

Both are scary.

One built on perfection, the other on contribution.

We die knowing one intimately.

And if we overcome fear and doubt, two.

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