Two things that change as we grow, whether we want them to or not

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Perspective and priorities change as we grow. How can they not?

We made them when we didn’t know as much as we now know.

This will continue until we die.

How exciting is that?

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  1. “If we didn’t have the girls I would apply for that job in a heartbeat.” I said that statement this morning. Years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about being in the thick of the high tech world. But the girls have changed my priorities and perspective. I personally can’t be away from the house 10 hours a day.

  2. It’s sometimes difficult to watch friends and old coworkers progress and become very success in a field that brought so many wonderful simulating challenges pre children. Not jealous, happy for them and know it wasn’t a path I could follow with three young ones. But I still wonder how things might have been different if work success was a higher priority over being there for the girls.

  3. Patty, there is no more important job than being a great parent. No greater blessing than having a child or children. No tougher job than doing it remarkably well.

    It can be entertaining to think about what ifs.

    And it can feel like hitting the lottery to be called Mom (or Dad).

    No one says on their deathbed, shoulda spent more time work.

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