Love In Your Heart

It Begins With The Father

“It is said to begin with the Father”.Maxine Kumin

Our models are our parents.  And for boys, this is primarily the Father. And if the Father is absent, well, the Father is still the model.

And even when the Father is present, he might still be absent.  This makes a compelling case for being a great Father.  BFO, right?

And yet, I don’t really recall when my Dad actually sat me down to teach me important stuff.

Maybe Maxine is full of misguided notions.  Maybe she’s right on target. This confuses me, scares me, and motivates me.  What about you?

Love In Your Heart

How Could He?

Our almost nine-year old son says he understands. But I wonder, “How could he”? He’s eight!

Seriously, I’ve been working so intensely on a few things this year, that I believe my quality time with him has suffered.

We spoke about this yesterday. I told him I believe after the Finland trip, things will get better.

I also reminded him of how sometimes in life, there are seasons where you really have to work hard – 2009 has been one of those seasons.

Tough economy. Increased travel at work. Big yard. Overcoming injuries for Finland. Cub Scouts. Catechism. First Holy Communion. Etc, etc.

Mid-Life is like this too. It’s a season of questioning everything that has gotten us to Mid-Life.

We take an inventory of our Mind, Body, Spirit and Money.

We realize, “We ain’t gonna live forever”.

We have the opportunity to adjust the sails, as they say, for the second half, which most likely, will not be as long as the first half.

The bonus though, is that we are so much wiser about what should and could be done.

We just have to decide if we’re going to.

Hope I decide wisely.  Carpe diem, jeff noel 🙂

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Love In Your Heart

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