It Happens Fast And Tragically

The Beach Is Perfect For Spring Break
The Beach Is Perfect For Spring Break

We all have memories of our various rites of passage, don’t we?

And Spring Break reminds many of heading to the beach to scratch that spring-fever itch.

And every year, it happens fast and tragically, like it did here, in Florida.

Teenagers, alcohol, and inexperience.

And a young man, so full of possibilities.  The world was his oyster, no doubt having some “good times”.

A misstep.

Then a phone call.

A phone call.

A phone call at a family get together, to celebrate someone turning my age (50).

Can you even comprehend that phone call?  I can not.

I’m praying for this family, the students, and any one else touched by senseless tragedy this week.

By jeff noel

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