It Happens Fast And Tragically

The Beach Is Perfect For Spring Break
The Beach Is Perfect For Spring Break

We all have memories of our various rites of passage, don’t we?

And Spring Break reminds many of heading to the beach to scratch that spring-fever itch.

And every year, it happens fast and tragically, like it did here, in Florida.

Teenagers, alcohol, and inexperience.

And a young man, so full of possibilities.  The world was his oyster, no doubt having some “good times”.

A misstep.

Then a phone call.

A phone call.

A phone call at a family get together, to celebrate someone turning my age (50).

Can you even comprehend that phone call?  I can not.

I’m praying for this family, the students, and any one else touched by senseless tragedy this week.

By jeff noel

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  1. Jeff, I can only imagine how horrible it is to receive that call.

    We think about those calls all of the time lately.

    We have four daughters that range in age from 23 to 14. All are passing through the danger zone in one degree or another.

    The oldest daughter starts her first full time “real job” (with benefits) today. She will move to Charleston, SC this coming Saturday. Whew! We got one through the danger zone and she’s on her way to creating her own life….we will still worry but….

    Numbers two and three are knee deep in the danger zone. One is making decisions that on the surface seem to be ok but she doesn’t realize the long term implications just yet.

    The other one has made some poor decisions that will haunt her for the rest of her life. I feel like the brick wall at Daytona…every time she strays from the track we are there to take the brunt of the impact…we push her back on the track only to be pounded again. What will break first? The car (her) or the wall (us)?

    Number four is a great kid who has witnessed all of the above. We need to maintain our strength in case she strays off track.

    I’ve been shot at in combat and honestly raising children in some ways is more stressful than that. We poor our hearts and souls into raising our children only to see some outside influence try to undo everything we have tought them.

    Sorry to ramble on but this story really hit me when I saw it this weekend.

    On the bright side I saw the sun come up this morning while driving to work.

  2. Skip, this is an amazing story. It’s a story that is repeated countless times, no doubt.

    Parents will always worry. It’s part of our survival instinct and preservation of the species.

    But to hear you say that being shot at ranks second to the fear for your children?

    Wow. That surely puts it in perspective. Amen brother. Keep fighting the good fight, one daughter at a time.

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