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Midlife Passion Milestone?

Fort Lewis, Washington State
Fort Lewis, Washington State

What prompts us recognize a milestone? What milestones are worthy of celebratory significance? How do we avoid sounding boastful?

Some things, like births and deaths, are major milestones we mark by recalling them each year. Some with celebration. Some with sorrow.

Today is a bit of both.

My Dad, Jack Noel, left his earthly life April 10, 2001.

He and our son never met.  A summer trip home had been planned for June, but it was too late.

I learned a lot from my Dad, by what he did and didn’t do, but not from what he said.  We didn’t talk much. Conversation between us was challenging.

Come to find out, I have so much to say that today marks the 2,000th blog post at Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

Five daily blogs. One midlife passion prescription.

Hey Dad, how’s Carter doing up there? 🙂 Miss you both.

Forgiveness Humility (never enough)

Everybody Says

He Loves To Learn
He Loves To Learn

Everybody says, “They grow up fast!”

Maybe it was looking at hundreds of 2005 photos last week.

Maybe it was watching a few very cute videos from 2005.

Maybe it was sleeping alone in this Albuquerque hotel room last night.

Maybe it’s all the promises I’ve made to him that are still unfulfilled.

Maybe it’s those colored beads in the bottle, one for each weekend until an 18th birthday.

We get one shot at this. Only one.

And everybody says, “They grow up fast!”

Humility (never enough)

Quality of Mind

“Happiness is a quality of the mind.  It is something we possess within…  If we do not have it within, nothing outside can give it to us”.   —  Paramananda

I hope at mid-life, whether you are having a mid-life crisis or not, that you find the source of your happiness.

Initially, many years ago, I found it difficult to find happiness within. Really didn’t even know what that meant.

Thought it meant going to parties and seeking fun and adventure for myself.

I’m glad I now understand the difference between external and internal happiness.

Ya with me?

Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS. Only 19 days until Helsinki –

PSS.  I’m not running for Lane 8 to give myself glory. I’m running to give glory to someone else. Once I figured this out, an amazing sense of Peace filled my heart, and happiness flows more abundantly.

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