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A Very Wise Cab Driver Named Mohammed
A Very Wise Cab Driver Named Mohammed

He said, “The people who are born here and never leave to see other places have no idea what they have. They can not understand the freedoms and blessings they have”.

He went on, “Paved roads, schools everywhere, hospitals everywhere, freedom of speech, democracy”. (He contrasted these against the Blood Diamond culture he grew up with)

Mohammed is a very wise man. He is a Father, and a cab driver. He is from western Africa, Sierra Leone. And he came to America six years ago. Our 25 minutes together yesterday was eye-opening.

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  1. Jeff, I couldn’t agree with Mohammed more!

    As you know I’ve been around the world…and not just to resorts. I have seen people who have literally nothing and are looking for a better lot in life. We wonder why people join terrorist organizations or any organization that we (USA) think are oppressive. Believe it or not these organizations are better in thier minds than where they are now.

    We take so much for granted here because as Mohammed simply pointed out we don’t know anything else. We see hardship on tv and then we go eat dinner. Until you have lived with these suffering, oppressed people we will never fully understand what a great country we live in.

    All countries/governments have warts….some are worse than others.

    Have a great weekend…I’ll be in Panama City, FL this week for a conference.

  2. Skip, it’s challenging to be a good and decent person, isn’t it.
    We get distracted, we forget, we medicate with drugs, food and addictions.
    The road to heck is paved with good intentions.
    If we can’t do great things, we can try to do small things with great love.
    We can also work real hard to become the change.
    Thanks for adding your perspective. Always great to hear it.
    What conference?

  3. National Defense Industrial Association’s (NDIA) Expeditionary Warfare Conference.

    Navy & Marine Corps focused. We bring DoD and Industry together to ensure our men and women have what they need to be successful.

    Lots of old retired Marine Corps buddies here so it is fun as well.

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