Personal Responsibility = Antidote

Why Do We Lock Up The Basics?
Why Do We Lock Up The Basics?

Personal responsibility is the antidote to avoid or at the very least, minimize the damage of a midlife crisis.

When is that drilled into us?


Unless you are exceptionally lucky.

Society expects personal responsibility to fall from the sky and land on us when we become adults. How’d that work out for you when you turned 18 or 21?

What if mental, physical, spiritual and career responsibility was taught to us from childhood, in our school systems, the way we teach reading and math?

Amazing Midlife Day

Our Honeymoon Was Amazing
Our Honeymoon Was Amazing

Do you have amazing midlife days?

And if you’re not at midlife, or past midlife, do you still have amazing days?

What does it take to have an amazing day?

Who gets to decide if it was amazing, or not?

What criteria should a person use to judge amazing, in a single day?

Is amazing replicable?

Do you inspire yourself?