We never see it coming

palm trees and airplane
Yesterday doing email on a raft in the pool, a jet in upper left corner.


i think the reason i put off living vibrantly was because i was so busy trying to survive the day-to-day.

Because my life wasn’t vibrant, i kept things set to survival (busy) mode. Obviously, now is not the best time to live vibrantly, right? i’ll get to that later when i we get my life in order.

But then i thought what if this week is the best week that i’ll ever have in my entire life and i squander it and never regain it?

Thinking the best, most vibrant is ahead of us – and waiting for it – is dangerous.

That was really clear yesterday.

Yesterday, and the entire past week, has been crazy good.

Never saw it coming.

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.wake .up

KOHL's Purpose statement
Very noble and lofty.


(Highly recommended you read this as if you are talking to yourself)

.wake .up

Is it time to wake up to what makes me come alive?

Is it possible to balance doing that with all the other daily responsibilities i must deal with?

Only one person can answer this. This means no one can override my answer.

“But what if I’m wrong?”, i say to yourself.

What if i’m not?

.wake .up


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