Waiting and doing nothing are the twin siblings of destruction

What can you see that others can’t? Do you have an entirely different approach that is unknown to the world? Do you have a clear, concise, and compelling purpose that lights your fire every morning? Are you literally the only one who can deliver what you deliver? Note: With 16 days remaining in 2018, i’ve been in the […]

Crystalized intelligence – all bluffs will be called

  The years after we retire, usually at age 65, are called the golden years. For a reason. Aging comes with benefits. Most importantly, we’re good at using what we’ve learned. Call this crystallized intelligence. Clarity. It’s like compound interest, for wisdom.   •  •  •  •  • This website is about our MIND. To read today’s […]

Merry Christmas, thank you Christmas for being an annual part of my life

    Why the Fosbury video? Because Twitter planted a seed yesterday. And the seed grew into a thought about being a pioneer. Pioneers change things. Maybe the way i think about death (and the 10-year plan) is pioneering. Time will tell. And no, i didn’t do it to pioneer anything. Dick Fosbury didn’t either. […]