Bonus year?

Glacier National Park mountains
From the backside of Mt Reynolds, with Heavy Runner lower right, and Going-to-theSun Mountain upper right.
disney speaker jeff noel
What is the blessing of a bonus year?

To live to see Covid-19.

To live to see the world storming, forming, norming, and performing.

To potentially spend another Summer in Glacier, with Cheryl and Chapin.

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We get a few of these unplanned experiences in our life

Magic Kingdom Resort area from Delta Jet
Disneyland would fit inside the Disney’s Magic Kingdom Theme Park parking lot (lower center)


Happy 59th birthday Disneyland.

C-ya in two weeks.

Yes, will be flying on Easter Sunday to reunite with you after 43 years.

And yes, 43 is not a typo.

How cool is that?


We get a few of these unplanned experiences in our life.

They’re called bonuses, right?

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