Everything Is Important

What’s missing is an attitude of defiance

Disney Conference Speakers
i launched my small entrepreneurial business while finishing the final six years of a 30 year Disney career. “Don’t quit your day job” was a great strategy.


The more i talk with people who have big dreams of breaking away from the corporate path, the clearer this reality becomes.

Self-help gurus, and how-to gurus literally prey on these people.

How do i know?

Ask anyone who’s worked diligently to follow the guru’s recipe and put all the “must haves” in place, “How’s your business going?”

Few will proclaim, “Amazing. Beyond my wildest dreams.”

The missing piece, as i see it, is an attitude of defiance.

Defying conventional wisdom and .thinking .differently

The harsh reality is you have to differentiate yourself from a sea of “pick-me’s” in order to secure your (remarkable) place in the market.

It’s in the fine print of all the guru messages…”This won’t work for most people. Proceed at your own risk.”




On April Fool’s Day 2009, jeff noel began writing five daily, differently-themed blogs (on five different sites). It was to be a 100-day self-imposed “writer’s bootcamp”, in preparation for writing his first book. He hasn’t missed a single day since.

This website is about our mental attitude. To easily and safely leave this site to read today’s post on jeff’s physical health website, click here.


Everything Is Important

Why life’s boring basics are key to any success

Feet x-ray
Two days ago…one foot in front of the other…


Why life’s boring basics are key to any success. Let’s call them out:

  • Consistency
  • Time

Effort, done consistently over a long period of time does what?

It produces results that are never achievable otherwise.

Inconsistency and impatience are status quo. The power of the pessimistic Herd hypnotizes us, poisons us, numbs us.

Dreaming big and making slow and steady progress has the same influential ability wind and water have on rock, over time.

The boring basics.

Invest heavily.

Put all your eggs in one basket.

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Need Help Not Giving Up?

Life’s twin secrets to success

Movie tagline for Hillsong
No. Awaken everything. Spirit is only one of life’s five big choices.


Focus and discipline is the key to life. Personally and professionally. Spiritually, mentally, physically.

Shhhh, it’s a big secret.

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Self Control (Impossible?)

Two secrets for how to not be broken under any circumstance

Screen shots from Disney Pixar movie UP
We watched UP last night. Photos taken while sitting on couch.


05.23.2015 - 36


What would it take to achieve and then maintain for a lifetime, a positive mental attitude? An attitude which could not be broken under any circumstance.

A critical success factor would have to be self-control.

This could be the missing piece for those of us who think being positive all the time is impossible.

Oh, and patience. Patience is also critical. Why? Because it may take 40 to 50 years to become an an overnight success – speaking from personal experience.

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Authenticity (New Currency)

Does the way we start our day have a direct impact

Walkway to magic Kingdom sign
Disney Keynote Speaker jeff noel’s hometown is pedestrian friendly.


Does the way we start our day have a direct impact on our ability to excel?


Focus and discipline shape our attitude. We know this. But do we champion the cause?

Do we?


Do we overmanage daily details that others either undermanage or ignore?

Do we?

Are we being intentional where others are unintentional?

Are we?

The woman asked the recent retiree, “Are you allowed to talk about Disney?”

He replied, “Not going to be talking about Disney. Going to be talking about my career, and life. You know, lessons learned, wisdom gained, joyful and painful experiences, people, challenges, triumphs, etc. Coincidently, the past 30 years have been spent at Disney.”

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