One Question A Day?


Hey Dad, what’s the most important expectation you have of me?

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Yesterday’s answer: Everyday, preach the Gospel, and if necessary, use words.


Questions Are The Answer

Do you love the way you think? The quality of your thoughts? Their depth and breadth?Their frequency?

Not everyone can juggle. Or speed read. Or type 100 words per minute. Some can’t stand the site of blood while others thrive on being an EMT (emergency medical technician).

Still others hate to think too deep or for too long. Too painful. Too revealing.

Nevertheless, questions are the answer.

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The Movement

Ready to Retire in Mid Life?

Not quite yet.  But, I’ve been thinking about it for a couple years.

What is retirement anyway?

What do people do for income?

What do they do for self-esteem?

Are we resigned to slowly decay?

Will we finally be able to do all the things we always wanted to do?

Will we be bored stiff or amazingly active?

Will we be an example or a warning, on how to live life?

The good news?  I have formulated answers to these and, more importantly, have taken action.  Have you?

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